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Jan Brewer is Leaving Those Planned Parenthoods Alone

Well slap my ass and call me Suzy.

Jan BrewerSpray tan and finger-wag enthusiast Jan Brewer is doing something very non-Brewerish — she’s backin’ the hell up offa Planned Parenthood in Arizona.



Via Robin Marty at RH Reality Check:

The local conservative and anti-choice policy group Center for Arizona Policy has inserted itself into the debate over Medicaid expansion by demanding that Republican Governor Jan Brewer insert a new ban on any family planning funding dollars going to Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Surprisingly, Brewer refused to do it.

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What’s the Matter With Bans on Race- and Sex-Selective Abortion? Everything.

My most recent article for RH Reality Check was published last week. Or was it the week before? Hey, is that a squirrel over there?!

A particularly pernicious narrative about abortion rights is one that accuses pro-choice groups and abortion clinics of attempting to target “pre-born” minorities (and girls) for abortion, and dismissing as callously indifferent to the lives of “pre-born” minorities those who oppose efforts to ban so-called sex- and race-based abortion.

The narrative, based upon an out-of-context quote by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, is as commonplace as it is false. To hear anti-choice groups tell it, Margaret Sanger was a racist woman whose goal was to exterminate black babies and bring eugenics to the United States. This is, of course, nonsense.

According to the aggressively uninformed anti-choice crowd, Margaret Sanger proclaimed, “[W]e want to exterminate the Negro population.” The full context of the quote, however, belies the meaning anti-choicers ascribe to it.

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Roe v. Wade 40th Anniversary: Reproductive Justice for Women’s Health

Via Planned Parenthood:

This year marks the 40-year anniversary of Roe v. Wade. That’s 40 years of protecting every woman’s fundamental right to make her own personal medical decisions. Forty years of ensuring that abortion remains a safe and legal procedure for a woman to consider, if she needs it. But plenty of politicians are still fighting to take that right away. Abortion and politics shouldn’t still be an issue.

We won’t let them get away with it. On this 40th anniversary, those of us who trust women, who value women’s health and rights, have something to tell them: Roe is here for good.

Keep it safe. Keep it legal. Respect women.


Texas is Winning its Stupid War Against Planned Parenthood

Throughout the country, wingnuts and Forced Birthers have been creaming their collective Twinkie in outrage over funding for Planned Parenthood. This is nothing new. If only they can rid the world of the scourge that is Planned Parenthood, maybe peace will reign o’er the earth, and babies will rain from the sky — at least, that’s what they think.

John Boehner tried to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood during the Great Budget Showdown of April 2010.  President Obama told him to go pound sand. The Indiana legislature tried to cut off Medicaid funds for Planned Parenthood when it passed HB 1210 in 2011.  The Seventh Circuit told Indiana to go pound sand. Arizona tried to defund Planned Parenthood by passing HB 2800, and — you guessed it — Arizona was told to go pound sand.

And that’s not all — in North Carolina, Kansas, and Tennessee, efforts to defund Planned Parenthood have been thwarted, even as more states attempt to stick it to Planned Parenthood.

And then there is Texas.

Texas tried to exclude Planned Parenthood from its federally-funded Women’s Health Program, but was smacked down by the Obama Administration. So Texas tried a new tactic (one that will likely be replicated in other states): It decided to create a state-funded Women’s Health Program specifically so it could exclude Planned Parenthood from it. (And a judge just said they could.)


Except, not really.

Texas can’t really afford it, for one. And for two — Planned Parenthood already doesn’t use federal funding for abortion.  The states that are freaking out about Planned Parenthood funding think they’re taking a stand against pro-abortion, abortion-loving abortionists, but, they’re not.  They’re just punching themselves in the face, and wasting time and money to do it.

The Right has been so successful in painting Planned Parenthood as abortion-crazed feminazis that the mere mention of Planned Parenthood results in Wingnut Derangement Syndrome. As a result, a cash-strapped state is taking wholly unnecessary steps to, essentially, put Planned Parenthood on double-secret probation. And because of that, nearly 50,000 Texans are going to have to find new doctors.

Look, we get it — you really really hate Planned Parenthood. But seriously? Stop it.  Planned Parenthood serves millions of low-income women who might otherwise go without healthcare entirely, and abortion services are a fraction — three percent — of the services Planned Parenthood provides.

No federal money is used for abortions.  No taxpayer money is used for abortions. Planned Parenthood’s abortion services are fiscally and geographically separate from the rest of the services it provides: there’s no commingling of funds, and there’s no chance of walking into a clinic for a pap-smear and accidentally getting an abortion.  So, while thumbing your nose at Planned Parenthood may score you additional ideological points, you’re not actually accomplishing anything aside from making it hard for women to obtain totally-not-abortion-related services, and wasting money you don’t really have in order to do it.

It’s spectacularly stupid.

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Seventh Circuit Blocks Law Defunding Planned Parenthood of Indiana

Great news for the Indiana uterati:

A federal appeals court has blocked Indiana from enforcing a law to cut off Medicaid funds for Planned Parenthood, a law that critics said would deprive thousands of low-income people of medical services, including abortion.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruled that while Indiana has broad authority to exclude unqualified providers from its Medicaid program for the poor, it lacks authority to exclude a class of providers – in this case Planned Parenthood clinics – for reasons unrelated to their qualifications.

It said doing so deprives Medicaid recipients of their legal right to obtain care from qualified providers of their choosing.

This is good news not just for Indiana, but also for Illinois and Wisconsin. (All three states comprise the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.)

From the ACLU:

INDIANAPOLIS – Thousands of Medicaid patients in Indiana had their freedom to choose a medical provider affirmed today when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit upheld a preliminary injunction of a law that would have denied Medicaid funding to health care providers.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana prevailed in the class action on behalf of its clients, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and others, including two patients. Without the injunction, HEA 1210—the law passed by the Indiana General Assembly in 2011—would have prohibited Medicaid funds from going to any entity that offered abortions, even though the Medicaid funds go to necessary reproductive health services and do not support abortion services.

Ken Falk, legal director for the ACLU of Indiana, applauded the appellate court’s holding that federal law protects the right of Medicaid patients to choose a health care provider free of interference from the State. “We are extremely happy that the Court of Appeals has upheld the trial court’s decision so that thousands of Hoosiers can continue to receive necessary medical care.”

ACLU of Indiana Executive Director Jane Henegar said, “The ACLU of Indiana commends the Court for its ruling, which will protect the liberties of thousands of Hoosiers. Lawmakers across the country are watching the resolution of this case. The ACLU of Indiana is on the front lines of protecting the individual rights and liberties of health care providers and the women they serve.”

“This law was an attempt by politicians to punish organizations that are providing legal services,” said Talcott Camp, deputy director of the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project. “Elected officials should not place politics above women’s health.”

PPIN President and CEO Betty Cockrum said, “At a time when Hoosiers are struggling, it’s shameful that our elected officials are spending their time, and our tax dollars, on cutting basic health care services – such as preventing unintended pregnancies – and restricting basic rights, rather than focusing on what we need most in Indiana: jobs for our hard-working neighbors and access to high-quality, affordable health care.”

[link to the opinion]

Paul Ryan Mocks #WarOnWomen — It’s Funny Because He’s A Misogynist Piggy

At a fundraiser in Florida, Paul Ryan mocked women’s rights and likened the war on women to a “war on left-handed Irishmen.”  Get it?! It’s funny!  Except for when it’s not, which is, like, all the time:

FORT MYERS, Fla. — GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan on Thursday night poked fun at the Democratic argument that the GOP is waging a “war on women.”

“Now it’s a war on women; tomorrow it’s going to be a war on left-handed Irishmen or something like that,” Ryan told donors at a Naples fundraiser, according to Shushanna Walshe of ABC News.

And with that, millions of women cheered because finally — finally — they were no longer being likened to caterpillars.

Except no we didn’t — because Paul Ryan isn’t fucking funny and I’ll tell you why.  Let’s review – yet again – the assault on women’s health and women’s rights that the GOP is perpetrating (excuse me while I quote myself):

  • Republicans want to tax us if we choose to get an abortion.
  • Republicans are forcing doctors to flat-out lie to us about abortions increasing the risk of breast cancer.
  • Republicans are trying to force us to get permission from the man (Father? Rapist? Who cares!) before getting an abortion.
  • Republicans think we’re sluts for wanting insurance coverage for contraception — whether for birth control or otherwise — all the while demonstrating how utterly devoid of brain activity they are by suggesting that the doctor-recommended use for birth control is “a-pill-per-screw,” and that maybe we could pay for our ovarian cyst treatment if we’d just stop drinking so many fucking soy lattes.

Republicans want us to lie back and take it.  They want us to just “close our eyes” while they shame us and guilt us and emotionally traumatize us and out us to the public for making a choice about our bodies that has absolutely fuck-all to do with them.  And they’re doing this under the guise of “education” and “life-affirmation”; attaching quaint and pithy names to horrific bills which violate our rights as humans.  Names like “Ultrasound Opportunity” or “Right to Know and See.”  Don’t worry.  It’s all about knowledge.

Knowledge is power, you see, and frankly ladies, you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing.  You think you’re incubating baby iguanas in your wombs while storks slingshot babies through open windows in the dead of night.  No, no, silly one.  This here probe will give you all the knowledge about the birds and the bees that you need, and conveniently, since you’re pregnant in the first place, you’ve already consented to be vaginally probed by our metal knowledge stick. Hooray!

So fuck you, Paul Ryan.  Repeatedly and with prejudice.

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‘If You Like Having Sex’ [video from @liberalease]

This video features real talk from @liberalease about what a Mitt Romney presidency will mean for women in this country, i.e., no preventive healthcare (because Mitt Romney supports the Blunt Amendment); no Planned Parenthood (because Mitt Romney is going to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood); no abortion at all (because Mitt Romney supports Eggs are People Too Amendment, and so does Paul Ryan, and so does the entire Republican Party); no social safety net (because Mitt Romney thinks 47 percent of America is a bunch of freeloaders and moochers); and on and on.

Basically, women would be fucked — and not in a good way:

You’re welcome.

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Reince Priebus Whines to CNN’s Soledad O’Brien About Romney Abortion Flip-Flop


Republican National Committee chairman Reince Preibus didn’t like it when, this morning, Soledad O’Brien called him out for claiming that Mitt Romney has been 100% consistent on his abortion stance. Why does she have to ask him questions? Who does she think she is, anyway? Just some lady-journalist asking questions about lady-business. How dare she?

The very thought that Mitt Romney has been 100% consistent on anything is enough to make me question the very existence of time and space, but his egregious 2 hour abortion flip-flop on Tuesday was particularly mind-boggling.

On Tuesday, Romney told the Des Moines Register in Iowa that there were no abortion laws that he was “familiar with” that were on his agenda. Within two hours, his campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul had informed an NRO contributor that “of course he would support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life.”

Then later that same say, Romney told reporters in Ohio that he is a pro-life candidate who would “immediately” defund Planned Parenthood:

I think I’ve said time and again, I’m a pro-life candidate,” he told reporters at a campaign stop in Ohio according to a pool report. “I’ll be a pro-life president. The actions I’ll take immediately are to remove funding for Planned Parenthood. It will not be part of my budget.”

O’Brien pointed out this contradiction to Priebus. Priebus denied that it was a contradiction and then whined that O’Brien was doing her job and asking him questions. Oh, injustice!

From Raw Story, here’s what Priebus had to say:

“The fact of the matter is what he is referring to is whether or not there were piles of legislation in the Congress, what specific bills in the Congress in regard to abortion are you going to be pushing over the next four years,” the RNC chairman explained. “The fact of the matter is Mitt Romney has been absolutely 100 percent consistent on this issue, that he’s pro-life, that there will be no funding of abortion through Planned Parenthood using taxpayer dollars, that he would use an executive order — the Mexico City executive order — so that funding isn’t used to pay for abortions abroad.”

When O’Brien called him out, hilarity ensued:

“I’m going to read to you the verbate of what that question said: ‘Do you intend to pursue any legislation?’” O’Brien repeated. “I’m only repeating it because it’s a complete contradiction.”

“You just keep repeating it and repeating it and repeating it,” Priebus complained.

“I’d like you to answer it because I keep repeating it,” the CNN host shot back. “Explain to me how it’s not a contradiction.”

“And I’m going to keep giving you the same — it isn’t a contradiction,” Priebus insisted. “You know what? He is going to have a piece of legislation in his budget that says there isn’t going to be taxpayer money used for abortion through Planned Parenthood. Why can’t you accept that?”

“Because you’ve just admitted a contradiction!” O’Brien replied.

Soledad, I wish you’d be as passionate about taking Barack Obama to task for every one of his promises and for every one of his changes that he didn’t follow through on in the last four years,” Priebus quipped.

“We do all the time,” O’Brien pointed out. “I will send you the tweets from people who hate me on the Republican side and hate me on the Democratic side. And anybody who comes on this show knows — I don’t mean you. I know you love me.”

“I just got to tell you, we’re going to ask tough questions of everybody,” she concluded.

If you remove the vowels from Reince Priebus’s name, you get RNC PR BS.

How fitting.

The bottom line is this: Mitt Romney has no core beliefs. He will tell you what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. Why should women trust him?

Oh right — they shouldn’t.

[via Raw Story]


Romney Tries to Walk Back Support of Personhood Amendment

Don’t be fooled.

In the wake of Akin’s “women can’t get pregnant as a result of legitimate rape” nonsense, Romney and Ryan seem to be trying to tack to the middle on women’s reproductive rights. Don’t let them.

Mitt Romney told the racist douchebags at National Review Online [to which I refuse to link] that he found Akin’s comments “insulting, inexcusable, and, frankly, wrong.” Congratulations, Mittbot! Your platitudes chip has finally been installed! It’s about time.

Also, the Romney campaign released the following statement:

“Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape,”

To that, I say — HORSESHIT.

Ryan sponsored a federal personhood amendment which would ban abortion in instances of rape.

Romney supported a personhood amendment in the 2008 campaign and he supports it now.

By its very definition, a personhood amendment bans abortion in instances of rape. A personhood amendment bans abortion — period. Along with hormonal contraception (like birth control pills and IUDs) and in vitro fertilization (because not every egg makes it out of the petri dish alive).

These are facts. You can look them up.

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Rep. Cliff Stearns (R – Jackholeville, FL) Loses His Primary: Planned Parenthood is Safe From Him!

And all the uteri across the land rejoiced

 Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Jackholeville) lost his primary to Ted YOLO, er Yoho (GOS link) without even spending all the money he had on hand.  A 12-term incumbent, he apparently thought he would win this primary without much effort.  Why is this noteworthy?  Because Rep. Stearns is the top member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee who demanded that Planned Parenthood PROVE to the Oversight subcommittee (chaired by Rep. Stearn) that it wasn’t using government funds for abortions.  Stearns said, and I’m paraphrasing, “You slutty bitchez best not be using house money to pay for your slutty, slutty abortions.  Yes, we know it’s against the law, but you’re guilty until proven innocent.  Burn, baby, BURN!”

It was based on this investigation that the Susan G. Komen Foundation made the ill-fated decision to not fund Planned Parenthood as it had in the past.  Let me pause a moment to savor how well that turned out for the Komen Foundation.

Rep. Stearns also appeared on Hardball to defend an egregious bill called PRENDA (fear-mongering bullshit about all the women who were having gender-selection abortions), and when Mathews pressed him about if a woman should be punished for having the abortion as well as for the doctor performing it, if it should be a criminal matter, Stearns said:

I think so.  You are killing an embryo, and in some cases, you are killing an embryo that is four or five months into gestation.

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