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Israel and Khader Adnan strike a deal; Adnan ends his hunger strike – quick update.

Word came out this morning that Khader Adnan has agreed to stop his hunger strike in exchange for being released by Israel on April 17 when his period of administrative detention is up, with a promise of no renewed extensions. For details about the case up to this point, you can read my post from last week, and for more on the deal he reached, click here for HaAretz’s story. I would also highly recommend that you read this excellent piece by Israeli national treasure Gidon Levy, in which he interviewed Adnan’s wife.

I don’t know what to think about it all, really. Adnan is still being held without charge, which is still illegal and flies in the face of both due process and the most basic notion of human rights — and he’s not alone: Click here for more on administrative detention and the 309 Palestinians held under its provisions (the highest number of administrative detainees since October 2009, and one of them has been thus held for five years). I have to wonder if the survival instinct, and possibly a desire to see his children again, kicked in. Or if maybe there’s more to the deal than we’ve heard. Or both.

At any rate, I’m glad that Israel/Palestine is not being plunged into violence this week. I confess to not being overjoyed, because I can’t help but feel that it’s just a matter of time before something sparks insanity, but maybe that’s just me being sick and tired of being an Israeli. I am surely glad that Adnan is alive, and that more blood isn’t being spilled right now.

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The Khader Adnan case and Israel’s criminal stupidity.

Lord, I am so slammed with work I was sure I would be posting less for a few weeks and instead I’ve turned into a posting maniac. Be that as it may, I really need to say this out loud:

Israel has a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad policy called “administrative detention” which allows the military to pick up whomever the heck it pleases and throw them into jail without charge, indefinitely (including Jews, and some have been arrested in this fashion). Technically, the cases come before a judge for review on a rolling basis, every four months if I’m not mistaken, but in practice, all that happens is that these cases get endlessly rolled over.

Which is to say: In addition to having a horrible, terrible, no good very bad system of military law that applies to, and only to, the Palestinians that Israel arrests for whatever reason (Israeli settlers are, of course, judged according to Israeli law) — Israel also has this system by which it can grab you for no reason and hold you for however long it likes, a system upon which it has been relying more and more. Currently more than 300 Palestinians are being held under administrative detention by Israel, one of whom is a Gazan man from the West Bank named Khader Adnan.

As reported in The Guardian:

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