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National Review Writers Discuss the Decline of Rap Music, for the Lulz

Baby Got Wha!?

I blame rapConor Friedersdorf has a post up at The Atlantic which is well worth the read if only for the WTF value.

Apparently, a bunch of National Review writers got together to do a podcast about the decline of rap music, and hilarity ensued.

Mark Steyn, for example, thinks there’s an absence of human feeling in rap music:

MARK STEYN: I do have a big problem with that, in that I think there’s an absence of human feeling in these songs. It’s not just that they’re explicit. When you talk to social conservatives, they get upset because there’s all these bad words in there. It’s beyond that, actually.

I question whether Mr. Steyn even has the capacity to feel, what with his irrational burning hatred of Big Bird, Sesame Street, and everything they stand for.

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Wetback Event Horizon: How I Was Blindsided by that Racist NRO Dude

I never saw it coming.

Jay Nordlinger Racist Asshole.jpg

This fucking guy.

Well, damn. I think I owe you an apology, dear readers. As you probably know, I’ve been so focused on the Ni-CLANG! Event HorizonWhen is it coming! Who will be the first to call President Obama that word? What happens after someone says it? Will fire rain from the sky? Will we all turn into nothing? — that I didn’t see it coming: The Wetback Event Horizon.

I was taken by surprise. I wasn’t prepared. I wouldn’t even know how to prepare. “Wetback” is so old-school, it’s almost delightfully charming!

But here we are: Jay Nordlinger at National Review Online is bringing “wetback” back. And he doesn’t even give a fuck:

What has gotten knickers in a twist is that word “wetback.” What should have been clear is that I was reflecting a certain mentality: the mentality of Reagan’s critics, some of them, at that time. The angst over tax deals, amnesty deals, arms deals, etc.

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National Review Online Contributor Accuses Ronald Reagan of ‘Welcoming Wetbacks’


Wingnuts are still throwing temper tantrums over the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act, and they are still acting out in ugly ways.

To wit, National Review Online’s Jay Nordlinger fears that Chief Justice John Roberts is careening headlong towards Socialist Town, and points out that, in the 80s, conservatives had the same fears about Ronald Reagan. Apparently, Ronald Reagan went too far in appeasing moderates and liberals by “raising taxes, spending like crazy, welcoming wetbacks, pursuing arms control.”

Oh, what’s that?



Yes, he did say, “welcoming wetbacks.”

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