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Native American Women Matter, Too. Pass the Damn #VAWA, House Republicans!

Eric Cantor is an evil fuck.

I have other things to say, obviously, but this sentence needs to stand on its own.  I will explain why in a minute.  The Violence Against Women Act has passed for eighteen years  without much resistance, but it was allowed to elapse in September of 2011 because the Republicans had problems with three new groups protected under the act:  undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ folk, and Native Americans.  The Senate has since passed their version of the bill which includes all these groups with bipartisan support, and the House has passed their version of the bill without the three added groups included.  Now, VP Biden is working with the House to pass a version of the bill that includes the three aforementioned groups, and it’s reported that he is in talks with Rep. Cantor in order to do just this.

Initially, the Republicans claimed the Dems were politicizing the issues as their reason for stalling the bill.  Republicans also mouthed platitudes about loving wimminz but hating spending money to protect said women.  They spouted the usual bullshit about states being better able to take care of these issues because errrryone knows the states do everything better.  Look at the Hurricane Sandy, for example.  Oh, wait….
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