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Overplanned Parenthood: Reproductive Tyranny

I’ve been circulating Amanda Ching’s short story ILU-486 like a madwoman. If you haven’t read it, you should do so (asiangrrlMN wrote about it here).  After reading it, if you have any doubts that the sort of dystopic existence described in the short story is eerily possible (if not imminent), check this out:

Nicolae Ceausescu loved nothing better than a monument to himself. But his ministerial palaces and avenues paled next to another of his schemes for building socialism: a plan to increase Romania’s population from 23 million to 30 million by the year 2000. He began his campaign in 1966 with a decree that virtually made pregnancy a state policy. “The fetus is the property of the entire society,” Ceausescu proclaimed. “Anyone who avoids having children is a deserter who abandons the laws of national continuity.” Continue reading


A Personhood Law Taken to the Logical and Grotesque Conclusion: A Short Story

This past week month year in ABLC land has been filled with uteri and vaginae-related news, mainly about the GOP’s War on Women™, to be precise.  On the front page alone, as I type this, we have a post by ABL, sending out a uterus-shaped symbol to all the Uterati so we can gather all the anti-women bills that are being considered/passed across the country in one place, a guest-post by @ThundarKitteh on all the anti-women dumbfuckery going on in her state of Indiana, a guest-post by @deaniemills on the outrageous state-sanctioned rape bill that has passed in her state of Texas, and another post by ABL on the postponement of the “Personhood” Bill in Virginia, due to the national outcry that has risen over it.  My own last post was on the flak the Girl Scouts have been receiving because of a perceived connection with the newest manufactured bogeyman of the right, Planned Parenthood.  Right beneath my last post is an excellent post by roadkillrefugee on the real reason Glenn Beck nailed himself to the Catholic Church cross over the whole birth control nontraversy.

By the way, I haven’t bought GS cookies in years.  Tonight, I changed that by buying 5 boxes of my personal favorite, Lesbian Cunnilingalongs (h/t @socratic on teh Twitter Machine.  Actual name, Tagalongs.  So. Damn. Delicious.  Peanut butter and chocolate go together like me and Margaret Cho*.  They make me want to listen do, err, listen to Melissa Ferrick all night long.) at a nearby supermarket just so I could support my local Lil Uterati (h/t, my angry black overlady).
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