The Conservative Majority Fund Wants to Impeach Obama for Being Black


Now that the wingnut racist dillholes at The Conservative Majority Fund figured out that President Obama is black, they want to impeach him for being black. Come on — you didn’t think these Birther assclowns were going to stop, did you? Of course not! They’ve moved on to impeach Obama robocalls, and what are they accusing Obama of doing?


WASHINGTON — The movement to impeach President Barack Obama has been launched, just days after he won a second term in the White House.

The Conservative Majority Fund, a conservative group known primarily for its birther conspiracy spreading, has launched a robocall campaign to gin up support for the president’s impeachment.

The call, emailed to The Huffington Post by Shaun Dakin of, reads in part as follows:

Our only recourse now is to move forward with the full impeachment of President Obama. We suspect that Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and that there may be grounds for impeachment as is laid out in the constitution. Further, he may not even be a U.S. citizen because nobody, I mean no one, has seen an actual physical copy of his birth certificate. Impeachment is our only option. And Republicans are already considering Obama investigations. As the nation’s most effective conservative group we are launching the official impeach Obama campaign.

Among the “misdemeanors” they cite are the president’s proposals to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay — an idea supported by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) — and to give “full amnesty” to undocumented immigrants. Indeed, a pathway to citizenship has, in recent days, been endorsed by McCain and other Republicans.

Yes they ostensibly want to impeach him for stuff he hasn’t even done, and stuff that some Republicans support.

I wish a motherfucker would.

[via HuffPo]


7 Responses to The Conservative Majority Fund Wants to Impeach Obama for Being Black

  1. I wish they would too.

    just try it, mofos.

  2. Count me in…I wish a mofo would too!

  3. Mary Lynne Foster

    “As the nation’s most effective conservative group…” A very low bar to step over. Knock yourselves out, guys.

  4. Yeah, please, go for impeachment, you fucks, and you will guarantee a solid three branch majority of Democrats after 2014, please, I wish you motherfuckers would, please, proceed

  5. See nothing indicating they dislike his skin color. Perhaps it’s his extreme white European-style neo-Marxist approach they’re concerned about.

  6. Not for being Black as many on the left fear. Its not racist at all. Its for being an Indonesian citizen with no birth certificate to prove that he is anybody but Barry Soetoro, or Harrison J. Bounell, or what ever the heck his real name is. Has anyone seen his real BC, or selective service registration, or college transcripts, SS card, or passport? And yes, I read his book and that’s all we know about him.
    Here is his SSN, (042-68-4425) do some research for yourself.

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