ABL Guest Co-Hosts #TWIBRADIO: ‘Mainstream Birtherism’

I guest co-hosted This Week in Blackness with Elon James White and L. Joy Williams. There was a lot of ranting and yelling about birtherism, a lot of praise for Chris Matthews, and a lot of me hating everything. If you want to get right to the discussion about Mitt Romney’s birtherism, head to the 14 minute mark.

Give a listen.

Please listen to this episode if there is any part of you that thinks that Mitt Romney wasn’t pandering to racists when he made that stupid birth certificate “joke.” And after listening to this, if you insist that he wasn’t pandering to racists, I have to wonder why it is you are so entrenched in your viewpoint that you refuse to listen to black people telling you that that shit was racist. Seriously. What’s wrong with you?

In the #Afterblack (Show Implosion) there was more ranting until Elon shut everything down early because I told him about the plot to assassinate President Obama, and he just couldn’t take it anymore.

You’re welcome.



One Response to ABL Guest Co-Hosts #TWIBRADIO: ‘Mainstream Birtherism’

  1. Speaking of racist birthers, here’s the latest sickening shit making the “Tea Party” rounds via Facebook: Obama “Rope” image at the 10 min. mark:

    “The GOP’s Race Problem is real….and ugly”

    Here’s the image at the “Politics” blog: “Obama ‘Rope’ Meme is Not Funny”

    But they’re not racists or anything… this graphic needs to be featured on the news so that everyone can get a good look at what kind of KKK-loving, fascist GOP shit heels are running for office.

    Forgive me, cursing like a drunken sailor is about the only thing keeping me from blowing my top completely at the moment.

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