GOP Justification for State-Sanctioned Rape in Virginia



Apparently, once vaginally-penetrated, always vaginally-penetrated:

During the floor debate on Tuesday, Del. C. Todd Gilbert announced that “in the vast majority of these cases, these [abortions] are matters of lifestyle convenience.” (He has since apologized.) Virginia Democrat Rep. David Englin, who opposes the bill, has said Gilbert’s statement “is in line with previous Republican comments on the issue,” recalling one conversation with a GOP lawmaker who told him that women had already made the decision to be “vaginally penetrated when they got pregnant.” (I confirmed with Englin that this quote was accurate.)

So ladies, if you’ve ever had sex, used a sex toy, or even used a fucking tampon, then you’ve given up the right not to have the government shove a foreign object into your vagina.

Them’s the rules now.

Welcome to the 18th 21st century.

[via Slate; Feministe; RH Reality Check]

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12 Responses to GOP Justification for State-Sanctioned Rape in Virginia

  1. Honor rapes. Put in place by people voted for by the Virginia electorate. Awesum.

  2. I am literally nauseous from anger.

  3. Are there grounds for bringing legal action to overturn this abomination as violating the individual’s civil rights? This “procedure” as I understand it is in no way medically necessary.

  4. damn. i’m physically upset after reading that quote. these fucking assholes can’t even recognize their misogyny, or understand the hate they’re brewing with this bullshit.

  5. We’ve been talking about the volume of the GOP’s racial dog whistles being turned up to somewhere between train-horn and jet-engine levels. Was the GOP’s misogyny ever even at a dog-whistle level to begin with?

  6. I recognize that few women undergo the procedure lightly. It leave scars, both mental and physical, that can last a lifetime. I regret my comments earlier…were insensitive to reality.

    Jackhole didn’t actually apologize for his ‘lifestyle’ comment – he just professed regret. A distasteful as his lifestyle comment is, though, it can’t compare to how heinous the latter quote is. There is something seriously wrong with him and with people like him.

  7. Oklahoma and Virginia right now, but as I understand it there’s 5 or 6 other States with legislation in the works (Maddow Show). I saw something about an “Unoccupy our Uteri” march being organized and this is the right time (election year) for highly visible demonstrations of protest and registration drives. The obvious solution to righting the wrongs is to elect the right people to office and overturn any laws that are actually signed by the Governors.

  8. I guess this is the less-pithy version of ‘no one misses a slice off a cut loaf’?


  9. Um…you all need to see this:

    VIDEO: “Bishop Wants Violent Opposition to Contraception Mandate”:

    Kentucky fried crazy.

    Now have a look at this:

    “Christian” militia wedding photo (no joke):

    Come election 2012, Dems had better be prepared to vote out the tea bag Christianistas en masse… and make damn sure that no Republican comes within spitting distance of the White House.

  10. I believe Texas has voted for the same process – if someone wants/needs an abortion, they must first have this invasive ultrasound done. Even if the pregnancy was the result of a rape. Here ya go honey… one more time…


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