The Most Heroic Response To The Susan G. Komen Foundation You Will Ever See

What breast cancer is, and what it is not!

This woman is a true inspiration.  I cried, I laughed, and then I clapped at the end:


(h/t @findbenjamin)

[via MoveOn]


17 Responses to The Most Heroic Response To The Susan G. Komen Foundation You Will Ever See

  1. Ouch. That was brutal… frank… gutsy. High-five.

  2. OMG, that was wonderful — that might as well be my story. She is absolutely spot on in her description of breast cancer treatment and the aftermath.

    I am so ashamed of the Komen Foundation, but relieved the organization has reversed its decision in withdrawing support from Planned Parenthood.

    • They did NOT change their decision, they merely tried to confuse people. They said that PP could apply for future grants and that they will not turn those applications down because of phony investigations. Komen left it open to turn PP grant applications down for not giving mammograms directly at PP offices, or any other reason.

  3. Wow, I thank this woman for laying out what cancer is about – pain and suffering, and being unafraid to speak one’s mine. Nothing like seeing a woman close to my mother’s age saying “[Susan G. Komen Foundation], you showed your ass! Now you can kiss mine!”

  4. Been there. Done that 20 years ago. She’s dead-on right! Kudos to an honest and gutsy gal. Thank you, sister survivor!

  5. That lady wins not only the Internet but everything on it.

  6. You go girl! Thanks for the bravery to say what you did! Love and healing energy coming your way :)

  7. That woman is my new heroine! Surviving all those indignities and assaults has made her fearless. The Komen Foundation should’ve realized that they would be pissing off women who know how to fight back and survive against bigger foes than RWNJs.

    Thanks for posting this video, ABL.

  8. I’m going to repost this on Facebook. And as the daughter and sister of cancer patients (my parents died of it, my sister with ovarian just got a clear CAT scan but continues treatment for lung lesions), I’m here to tell you that it’s not just the people fighting cancer who get more frank.

    It’s also the ones who stand by them and go to treatment with them and see the hell they go through and feel helpless and angry who are sick and tired of the fucking politicization of healthcare and WILL kick your ass to the curb if you bring your God-Babble or Randian Fantasies or any other heartless bullshit justifications for denying care to the table.

  9. This broke my heart, made me laugh, and made me cheer. I lost my youngest sister to breast cancer 17 years ago. Another sister is fighting it right now. I’ll never forget the burns on Elsa’s chest, or how excited she was when her hair started coming back.

    Maybe we’ll luck out and this BS from Koman will motivate women to rise up and tell every cringing bully conservative the exact same thing: You can kiss my ass, then I’m going to kick yours.

  10. I saw that on Facebook and reposted it, plus posted it on another website I frequent.

    My mom was a breast cancer survivor, and Linda’s courage reminded me so much of mom’s.

  11. That was beautiful. Unflinching truth has a way of reaching deep. I’m going to share this every chance I get. Her message was right all the way down the line. Breast cancer has touched the lives of people close to me. The one thing not mentioned is the pain we feel when someone we love loses the battle. And those intended cuts would have made it likely some women missed out on life-saving screenings.

  12. And what you are is my hero! I, too, am a cancer survior. Mine is ovarian and I’ve been bald down to my nose hairs twice in the last 4 years. I know the drill and, yes, I agree, cancer makes one more frank. There’s no time to waste on subtle prattle when cancer may reappear at any moment and silence you forever. Today, I’m a lot harder to initimidate because, as you describe, cancer is not for the feint. As for my girls, they’re still with me but, should they become diseased, I’ll give them up on the chance it will proglong my life. I want more time to speak out against the assult on women that is the core of right wing politics. Today, this great day, with so many woman fighting back against Komen’s hard right turn, I am encouraged to believe we can protect women’s health.

    • OC, my sister is coming on her fourth year of fighting ovarian (she was diagnosed six weeks after our mother died of colon cancer). Her twin fought non-Hodgkins lymphoma last year and is thankfully in remission. I am in awe of them and of you and of Linda and of every other bad-ass out there who keeps fighting and doesn’t take shit.

      As my friend Ian (not the lovely Mr. Boudreau, another lovely Ian) who posted this on his FB page said “If this video isn’t safe for work — quit your fucking job.”

  13. **I’m laughing and crying and SO ADMIRING of this lovely lady!

  14. Linda…as one of your friends for the last 6 year…
    You know how much you inspire and delight…your
    voice found it’s rightful place…please keep getting
    well and never stop ‘kickin’ ass!’

  15. I wish I could E-mail this to my sister, a breast cancer survivor with many of the same scars, ports, etc. Unfortunately, she is a fervent Ron Paul supporter and very emotional. I don’t want to upset her at this fragile time.

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