Newteronomy: Give Me a Break, Already

What an ass.

I’m watching Hardball with Tweety and I’m just now seeing Chris Matthews’s interview with Newt Gingrich in which Newt whines about Mittens’s negative ads, and how Mittens should be ashamed and oh! think of the grandchildren!

He has grandchildren. He ought to run a campaign worthy of his grandchildren. He outta take those ads home and show them to his grandchildren… grandpa did this, what do you think of this kind of trash on television- someone being beaten up like this on television? We should run campaigns worthy of our best, not campaigns that demean us to our worst.

Ninja, please.

Newt “Obama is a con artist Kenyan Anti-Colonialist Boogedy Boogedy ” Gingrich is complaining about demeaning campaigns?  Feigning concern about what Mittens’s grandchildren would think about Gramps’s negative campaigning in Iowa?

Like, really?

Laugh?  Don’t mind if I do.


7 Responses to Newteronomy: Give Me a Break, Already

  1. Considering how often Newt has been the proponent of Republicans getting “tough” (read down and dirty), it’s hilarious to see him complain about getting it in return. My reaction is generally “wow, hey, look at that! The shoe fits!”

  2. Republicans and Democrats used to work with each other and drink with eat other, use to be friends, until Newt Gingrich came in. He passed out talking points on how to demonize Democrats, and seize power.

    He created this shit we live in, and now he’s bitching? blahhhga please

    Fuck him, the horse he rode on, the saddle he rode it on, and the trail he rode on to, fuck him…….

  3. I for one am beside myself with glee that Gingrich os behaving like such an ass–that is, behaving like himself. He and Santorum are what the Republican Party is today; not Romney, with his comparative normality and decency–note: I did say comparative. Gingrich and Santorum understand what gets Republicans out to vote: racism, sexism, gay-bashing and whining about how everybody else is so mean to them. I want this shit to be spotlit for the next 10 months. I want the cheesy Republican pundit-hacks to have to try to tell us all how reasonable and nice and clean-cut these sociopaths are. I want the brain-dead “even the” liberals like Richard Cohen to see, at long last, what the Republicans have become, and to get it through their thick heads that both sides don’t do it.

    And as a random aside, I read your “Who am I?” and see that you have ADD. I do, too! My ADD is about a 98 or 99 on a scale of 1-100. It might even be an even 100…

  4. Newt was an ass back when he was blaming a Murphy Brown story arch for national moral decay. And Romney is a slimy, lying douche who doesn’t have the balls to stand behind his own accomplishments. (Newsflash, Mittens, you can’t beat Obama based on your ‘accomplishments’ when you’re too scared to acknowledge them, good (Romney-Care in MA) or bad (Baine Capital)).

    I hope those two fight like an old school slugfest between The Thing and the Hulk**, because it just helps Obama and lets him focus on his job.

    Why compare Newt and Romney to one of the greatest sci-fi grudge matches? Because, it’s just as ridiculous, pointless and overblown reading about two giant, primary colored mutants beating the snot out of each other for 20 pages of comic book as it watching these two spineless, unprincipled hacks slug it out for whose more willing to pander to the Tea Party, which is filled people so stupid and uncultured to mow either of these assholes lawns. And both of them would squash Ned Flanders (Santorum) and Rorschach from the Watchmen (Ron Paul) if it were worth their time.

    Have Fun, its clobbering time.

  5. Well, well, ol’ bully Gingrich doesn’t like being bullied, huh? Well, that’s typical of bullies. It’s typical of the Republicans. They love to dish it out, and then run crying to Mama when someone throws it back at them.

    Newt, I ain’t cryin’ for you. In fact, I’m laughing, bwahahahahaha!

  6. Gingrich is an ass and will always be an ass. I wonder what that will make his followers who got duped by this con-artist? sigh!

  7. That Guy With The Ponytail

    Newt could still be of some value. If he can be persuaded that going “full Newtard” on Romney with whatever resources he yet has, is fair payback for Iowa, he’ll be doing some of our work for us.

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