RIP, Cain Campaign… We Hardly Knew Ye.

Actually, we knew too much of ye, so please stay away.

Herman Cain suspended his campaign this afternoon, to much fanfare and sheer ridiculosity.

The chirpstory is after the jump (those things slow my blog down, yo!), but first, have a look at this video which I just watched and which made me giggle:

You’re welcome.


6 Responses to RIP, Cain Campaign… We Hardly Knew Ye.

  1. Spoiled Yapping dog

    If anyone ever wanted to find what a cast iron skillet moving at close to the speed of sound and impacting a incredibly thick skull sounds like, tweak your ears towards the south. Someone Is DEFINETLY sleeping on the wet spot tonight.

  2. Cain is a cipher.

    He was a vanity candidate.

  3. So when does his show, “On the Black Hand Side, start on Faux?

    • That’s been the plan the whole time. Thank Sarah Palin for this one. As long as Cain doesn’t go Glenn Beck crazy he’ll be fine. He’s got the personality to host a tv show. I can see him beating Hannity on ratings.

  4. I guess the Koch Brother from another mother lost the family funding

  5. Damn, that is one hilarious twitter roll! I am laughing so hard I’m crying.

    Thanks for sharing ABL. It’s gonna be a good day here at the office when the day starts out with this level of humor.

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