Not Too Proud Of My Old Kentucky Home Right Now

It’s 2011, almost 2012, and we have nonsense like this going on in the Bluegrass State where I live.

A small church in Pike County, Kentucky has voted to ban interracial couples from most church activities “to promote greater unity among the church body.”

Melvin Thompson, former pastor of Gulnare Freewill Baptist church, proposed the ban after Stella Harville brought her fiance, Ticha Chikuni, to services in June. Harville, who goes by the name Suzie, played the piano while Chikuni sang.

Before stepping down as pastor in August, Thompson told Harville that her fiance could not sing at the church again. Harville is white and Chikuni, a native of Zimbabwe, is black.

Last Sunday, church members voted 9-6 in favor of Thompson’s proposed ban. Others attending the church business meeting declined to take a stand on the issue.

Seriously, Pike County is one of those mountain counties here in Kentucky (it’s on the Virginia border) that I won’t voluntarily enter because I would significantly change the demographics if I did, and people would notice.  And they would do something about it.  In North Carolina I didn’t ever say to myself “Hey, I don’t want to visit this county.  It wouldn’t be safe for me.”  Kentucky? Yeah.  And I’m a big six-foot black guy.

This kind of idiocy still happens, folks.  Post-racial America?  Isn’t.  Not in this state, anyway.  Not in a state that has never elected an African-American to a major state office or to Congress.  Not in a state that gave McCain a 16-point victory in 2008.

You think they’re going to stop at throwing these two out of the church there (which by the way, what a totally Christian thing to do, right?)  Not me.

Harville and Chikuni plan to marry in July, but they won’t be tying the knot in Pike County.

Not surprised at all.  And yes, if you’re still surprised by this awesome display of man’s inhumanity to man, then no offense, but you’re probably A) white or B) not in Kentucky.


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  1. Uh… there’s pretty much NOTHING to be proud of, where the Adolph Rupp state is concerned. Never has been, never will be.

  2. I can think of a few things. Bourbon. Zandar. Mammoth Cave. Clooneys. Slint. That guy that gave me some of his fish after my mac and cheese spilled onto the ground while camping.

  3. I hope the young people will be very happy together, and find a church that isn’t full of racist psychos.

    That’s really all I can say to this.

    Jesus wept, and I don’t mean that as a euphemism for profanity, I mean that quite literally.

  4. Yeah, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. As someone who’s never strayed to far from the West Coast, I haven’t exactly had much chance to interact with the fine people of the Bluegrass state. In fact, my only point of contact is the family of my cousin’s wife, who happens to be white. And as it turns out, her white family didn’t take too kindly to her taking up with a black fella. There was a falling out and she didn’t speak to her father for nearly a year. Luckily they patched things up. I credit the birth of his grandson, since I’d imagine that it becomes harder to maintain that kind of unthinking bigotry after seeing your own features in your daughter’s beautiful brown child. So yeah, he came around. And he seemed like a nice enough guy when I met him. But this isn’t something that happened way back when. My cousin is in his early twenties. This was two years ago.

  5. Somebody on Facebook suggested that this church was one of those that involve snake handling.That would explain a lot!

    I think they just don’t work and play well with “others” (Yes, that was snarky)

  6. White American Woman + African Man = A possible Barack Obama born

    They did the math and wasnt having that shit

    How in the fuck do you try and do this in this day and age and not expect some backlash?

    I bet they say “But we’re not racist” bullshit

    May the couple live long and happy

  7. And seeing this is Rand Paul’s state, he would just say this is the free market at work

  8. My thoughts and prayers to for the couple. They represent the best of us.

    The church represents the worst. Honestly, these people seem to have no idea what Christianity truly is.

    But honestly, I’m not surprised. It may be 2011, but the same bullshit prejudices that have plagued us for centuries still found a way to make it into the 21st Century.

    Post-racial nation my ass.

  9. My experience in Kentucky was a camping trip to see the Mamouth Caves over Easter weekend. Saturday night, the day before Easter, a powerful tornado came through and wiped out some areas very near to us, taking out some cars & semis on the highway and killing some folks.

    Easter morning we went to an open-air church service in the National Park. The preacher spent most of the sermon saying that those that were hurt, killed, injured or otherwise impacted by the tornado deserved it because they were sinners. We packed up and left with my young kids about half-way through it. I was so unbelievably offended by that.

  10. Doesn’t surprise me at all. I hope they lose their tax-exempt status at the very least. They can be as bigoted as they like – but I sure as hell am not going to pay for it. Best wishes to the couple involved.

  11. Spoiled Yapping dog

    For those who believe, there is more of God’s love between those two kids than what would emanate from that piss poor excuse for a church.

  12. This isn’t really on the subject here, but I wondered if anybody heard about this story:

    It’s a pretty weird thing when a black kid hangs a confederate flag in his dorm room. I sure don’t get it. I’d sooner burn the damned thing than look at it, and I’m a white guy.

    Aside from that, I was wondering whether anybody knows anything about Yahoo’s commenting policies, either. I wrote 2 comments, and both got yanked. This on a thread where quasi racist bullshit was all over the place. I’m really beginning to wonder whether the people who owna nd run Yahoo are nazis or KKK members or something. Does anybody know anything about this?

  13. “Last Sunday, church members voted 9-6 in favor of Thompson’s proposed ban.” I actually find some comfort in this.

    Note that it doesn’t say the church COUNCIL voted 9-6 in favor. The tally of church MEMBERS who voted on the ban at the church business meeting totaled 15 people. Others abstained, but my guess is that that number isn’t going to push the number into triple digits. This is a sad little church, not even close to full with sad people angry at the modern world. They are afraid that their view of the world doesn’t matter any more. And they are right.

  14. Just reported on Joe Madison Morning Show

    The church overturned the vote

    I guess they had second thoughts……

    About being embarrassed on god damn national TV, and that prized tax exemption status,0,5724317.story

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