The Colbert Report Points Out Hypocrisy in "Anti-Bullying" Bills

Cognitive dissonance, thy name is Leviticus.

Religious nutbags across the country are getting more and more desperate when it comes to slapping homosexuals upside the head with the Bible.

Fighting against a tide of equality, these people are determined to inflict their bastardized version of Christianity on all of us — including our children.1  And if that means sanctioning the physical assault of young people, then goddammit, that’s what they’re gonna do.

Eclectablog’s post on the anti-bullying bill which the Michigan Senate passed last week lays out just how vile and abhorrent this new trend is.  Essentially, wingnut Michiganders carved out an exception from an anti-bullying bill named after Matt Epling, a young man who committed suicide after being assaulted for being gay by students at his high school.  The exception permits students to cite a religious or moral conviction as an excuse for their bullying behavior.

The exception reads:

“This section does not prohibit a statement of a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction of a school employee, school volunteer, pupil, or a pupil and parent or guardian.”

Setting aside that the phrase “sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction” is so vague as to be entirely meaningless, the notion that elected representatives — and not just in Michigan — are legislatively sanctioning gay-bashing is appalling.

In West Virginia, for example, conservative groups are criticizing a proposed school policy which would protect LGBT students from student bullying and harassment.  Their claim?  Freedumb of speech, of course:

A proposed policy change that protects West Virginia’s gay and lesbian students from school harassment has drawn criticism from some conservative groups.

Groups like the Family Policy Council of West Virginia have lambasted the policy for threatening religious freedom and free speech, while civil rights groups say the rule will finally give LGBT students much-needed help.

Jeremy Dys, president of the Family Policy Council, told State Board of Education members Wednesday that anti-bullying laws that target homosexuality can take schools down a slippery slope.

But the president of the state school board said Dys doesn’t understand the policy.

“If a student makes a comment in opposition to homosexuality and what Scripture teaches about homosexuality, they could be in violation of the proposed bullying policy,” said Dys. “Bullying policies need to make sure they apply categorically across the board, but in reality, we have an infringement upon religious liberty.”

He said a policy should be based on the bullying action, not the characteristics of the person being victimized.

Got it? Religious assholes have a god-given right to be bash gays. IT’S IN THE KONSTATOOSHUN.

John Cole nails it:

These freaks think they sound like good Christians, just wanting to preach the Lord’s work, but to everyone outside their bubble, they look just like the Fred Phelps hate parade. I mean, really- you’re worried about the state infringing upon your “right” to tell teenage kids that “God Hates Fags?”

Fucking sociopaths.

Sociopaths indeed.

Also? Really fucking stupid. If you’re going to love the Bible, then you should really get up in there and love the Bible. <eyebrow waggle>

Jokes aside, if you don’t follow the Bible’s “‘teachings” to the letter, but rather pick and choose the portions your favorite bits, then you’re a hypocrite.  And if your favorite bits include DEATH TO FAGZ!, then you’re nothing more than a homophobic asshole who hates people because some book — not all of which you even pay attention to — tells you to.

It’s not Christian. Not even a little. In fact, it’s exactly idiotic, as Stephen Colbert aptly demonstrated last night:

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Also, too, this:

You’re welcome.

1 Well, not my children.  I don’t have any children… that I know of.

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2 Responses to The Colbert Report Points Out Hypocrisy in "Anti-Bullying" Bills

  1. That Guy With The Ponytail

    Would it be a “deeply held moral conviction” that those who are bigots deserve all the (verbal?) abuse they get from those of us who find them repellent?

  2. I don’t know why Leviticus is always thrown out there as the go-to bible quote, Romans 1 makes more sense… but I guess you guys don’t want to be bothered with that fact and just prefer to bash. Maybe there should be anti-bullying laws against gays, after all, they seem to be the ones who want to ostracize and humiliate everybody who doesn’t conform to their thinking.

    By the way, EVERYBODY got bullied at one point, and *newsflash* it’s NOT from Christian groups with Bibles!

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