Debt Ceiling: Boehner Blinked.

Pwned (again)

Well, what do we have here:

House Speaker John Boehner is abandoning discussions with the White House on a large-scale debt deal slated to achieve $4 trillion in deficit reduction. The bone of contention is Boehner’s insistence on no tax increases in the deal. Instead, Boehner said the talks should focus on reaching a smaller debt-reduction deal.

“Despite good-faith efforts to find common ground, the White House will not pursue a bigger debt reduction agreement without tax hikes,” Boehner said in the statement.

The Administration knew what Boehner’s pressure point was. How? Because Grover Norquist hasn’t shut the hell up about it for a month now.

The sacred tax pledge! You must obey the sacred tax pledge! All the howling from the left may turn out to have been a good thing.***

Meanwhile, the Tea Party is about to lose its collective mind (to the extent it has one, which is unlikely).

The hits: They just keep on comin’.

I reckon this is your Balloon Juice’s evening flame war thread.


***I know I know, he’s worse than Bush.

[Hopefully Zandar will have a little somethin'-somethin' to add to this Boehner Business, but for now, do feel free to gloat hang out in the comment section!]


13 Responses to Debt Ceiling: Boehner Blinked.

  1. Scott Candage

    The President played this perfectly. He offered a deal that he knew Boehner couldn’t get passed, and on the side offered a second deal that he believed Boehner could get passed. Boehner will have to accept the second deal and get his caucus behind it, thus giving Obama the victory. Brilliant politics by our President!

  2. Hamsher, CREDO, et al: “We did it!” I can’t wait to see that.

  3. That Guy With The Ponytail

    The funniest part of all of this is Bo(eh)ner referring to what he was doing as “good faith efforts”.

  4. fealty to grover norquist rules the day!

    he’s the most powerful man in washington that nobody fucking voted for.

  5. So it would go something like this? “The Congressional Republicans are more loyal to a man nobody’s ever voter for than they are to the Constitution.”

  6. I take offense to Boehner being compared to the orange M&M. The orange M&M actually serves a useful purpose and is tasty.

    • bedbugsandballyhoo

      I think of him more as the “Orange Grinch.” He is the Grinch who never grew a heart.
      Although, “Orange Boner” does have a certain ~ring~ to it.

    • That Guy With The Ponytail

      As I said in the earlier thread, with a bit of Photoshoppery he can be an updated Annoying Orange.

  7. So now what will the hair-on-fire mob go berserk over? Gitmo and Wall Street bailouts and DOMA are such feeble tools these days. How dare that empty suit in the White House take away yet another shiny sparkly club they’ve been so gleefully beating him with? It’s just not FAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIRRRR!


    • That presupposes they are done screeching about this deal (and all the cuts to ssi, Medicaid/Medicare). These same people still don’t realize the budget deal didn’t do anything near what the media said.

    • Oh, I’m sure they’ll dust off some old chestnut, like Bradley Manning = Baby Jesus, or Muammar Quaddaffi = Baby Jesus, or Anwar Al-Alawki = Baby Jesus, or Obama shot Baby Jesus Bin Laden, or Drones!!11!!, or Wopner at 4:30, Qantas never crashed, hot water burn baby!!11!!1 etc.

      Whatever the Obama Derangement Syndrome-based Outrage Porn du jour is; they don’t care as long as they get their daily fix; and like the ‘oh noes Obama wants to nuke SS!’ lie, they’ll just make shit up out of whole cloth if need be.

  8. Isn’t this really an indication of how weak Boehner is, basically the radicals in his caucus own the conversation and he has no ability to reign them in. Medicare and Social Security were never on the table, folks like Boehner want to be re-elected, but he is so weak as a leader he simply cannot keep his caucus under control to negotiate any deal, because they simply will not negotiate anything. Boehner is at their mercy, what a weak, weak man.

    • Heh. No wonder he’s always crying. He’s got so much to cry about. What a perfect illustration of “Be careful what you wish for,” eh, Mr. Speaker?

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