Teabillies: Taxed Enough Already? Thank Obama for lowering your taxes.

You idiots.

So you know how the Teabillies are some of the most uninformed people in the history of the land, almost exclusively due to the fact they watch solely Fox News, and Fox News is a lying sack of shit?  Well now we have the numbers to prove it.

In the Teabilly mind, the word “tea” stands for Taxed Enough Already. I wonder how much their heads would explode if they found out that Obama has actually reduced taxes more than any other president since Eisenhower  back in 19-reallylongtimeago:

Beneath all of the Republican and Tea Party grumbling about taxes, one key fact continues to be ignored. According to the Tax Policy Center, Federal taxes are lower than at any time since 1955. Obama has now reduced taxes by more than any president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The problem is that the tax cuts have not promoted economic growth and have caused the federal deficit to explode, “Those lower taxes have helped give the U.S. government the lowest revenues as a percentage of gross domestic product of seven industrialized countries surveyed in 2010 by the Congressional Research Services.

The answer to America’s revenue shortfall is to raise taxes. The US revenue gap could be closed immediately with a tax increase, but Republicans and tea partiers go insane as soon as the prospect is mentioned even in the most delicate manner. The Tea Party set believes to their core that they are being overtaxed, but reality doesn’t match their perception.

In fact, most Americans have no idea that Barack Obama has lowered taxes. According to a 2010 CBS News/New York Times Poll, only 12% of Americans knew that Obama has lowered taxes. 53% thought that he kept taxes the same, and 24% believed that Obama has raised taxes.

Not surprisingly, only 2% of Tea Party supporters knew that Obama had lowered taxes. 44% of them thought that the President has raised their taxes.

The right believes this because they got the idea from Fox News and talk radio. Four days ago, Fox News.com ran a story claiming that Obama is going to raise taxes. The tax increase boogeyman is a favorite of the right, because it is easy to put out there and it motivates their base every time.

While the Tea Party takes to the streets to keep tax rates low for billionaires, Barack Obama has lowered their taxes to historically low levels.

The bottom line is that beneath all the GOP spin the fact remains. Barack Obama, not Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush is the greatest tax cutter in American history.

This message needs to be repeated over and over and over until it either sinks into the addled Teabilly mind borg, or becomes the main narrative in the mainstream media.

“Hey there Sarah Lou! It’s a beautiful day outside, dontcha think?”

“You betcha! ::wink:: Also, too, did you know that Obama has lower taxes more than any president since Eisenhower?”

“Yes ma’am! I heard about that.  Atta boy!”

“Hey there Bobby Jo! Did you hear that news about Obama being a tax lowerin’ mofo?”

“Naw, man.  I’ve just been here sitting on the porch whistlin’ dixie.  But that sounds alright alright!  I don’t like taxes.  Also, I don’t like being tread on by Librulz or treadmills.”

“Hey Darlene! DARLENE! This man on the TV is telling me that niggra boy has lowered our taxes more than anybody since that white guy we like all them years ago.  DARLENE!!” “I heard you!  Quit yellin’!  I told you votin’ for that niggra boy was better than voting for Scarecrow and Mrs. King.” “You sho did.”

These are just examples of the sorts of conversations I imagine will take place.  Certainly, I don’t expect the conversations to follow this particular script, but seriously–but spread the word.

It is bullshit that Pocawinksalot of the Alaskan Tribe of Fools is out there screaming about Obama is a tax-and-spender; Obama is raising taxes; Obama is trying to bankrupt America when the fact is, Obama’s tax plan the best thing since that one time Eisenhower sliced bread.

[via Politics USA]


2 Responses to Teabillies: Taxed Enough Already? Thank Obama for lowering your taxes.

  1. Please forgive me for being rude and interrupting regularly scheduled programming, but will you go here and “like” my post? Maybe spread the word? I would, but I spent time doing this instead of studying, and now I’m even going to be late for class! :-O

    It’s a response (similar to the one here at TPV, but with edits) to Greenwald’s piece, appearing on the Alternet site (boy that place is FULL of emoprogs! Poor, pitiful Eeyores. With racist hangups. Emoprogs with racist hangups in denial.)

    Thank you , thank you (and if you don’t have time, don’t worry about it!!)


  2. From a friend of mine:

    This title is highly misleading. The quoted article quotes from another article which in turn quotes from an article in the Orange County Register. That OCR article purports to report on a study from the Tax Policy Center but unfortunatel…y does not identify which one or link it. I checked the TPC website, but couldn’t find any likely candidate among the articles I quickly scanned. Any way, it is clear that the OCR article attributes much of the tax reduction to the Bush era tax cuts. We can argue about whether they are good or bad, but they are clearly not Obama’s. We all need to be VERY careful about policing purported facts from all sources (as I found out the other day when I checked some facts appearing in the WSJ). Virtually all sides have an agenda and I think it is especially important for us to police facts quoted by people with the agenda that more closely matches our own, as we are far more likely to simply accept what they say uncritically.
    P.S. Here’s a link to the Orange County Register article that appears to have started this whole discussion. Note also that the article seems to be making a claim about the combined federal, state, and local tax burden. The latter two categories of which, obviously, have no bearing on whether any President of the United States has reduced or increased taxation. http://www.ocregister.com/news/-117079-ocprint–.html

    I’ll check the links and post an update.

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